Shovelware’s Brain Game

Our most recent Roblox experience, released to the public in March of 2023. With over 20 million visits and counting in the first two months alone, this collaboration with SMART Technologies shows that learning CAN be fun! SMART commissioned us to create a vaguely educational Roblox experience, and gave us almost full creative control to […]

Shrunken School Obby

Our first release! This narrative driven 3D platforming adventure takes the usually unthemed obby (obstacle course) genre and injects it with life and character through dozens of animated cutscenes and fun interactions. Work together alongside super secret agents on a mission to stop the nefarious von Bootleg, who has shrunk the school with his shrink […]

Super Slime Simulator

This was our dip into the simulator genre! With a bit of our trademark charm, we wanted to bring some life, energy, and fun to the relatively stale (but seemingly very lucrative) formula found all over the Roblox platform.  We took two months in early 2022 to create Super Slime Simulator. We used the opportunity […]