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We’re Shovel Team!

You may know us as the creative force behind Shovelware Studios, developer of titles such as Shovelware’s Brain Game!

We’re a small team dedicated to bringing high quality, extremely polished games and experiences to life using the Roblox platform. We excel in creating dynamic animations and interactions to create living, breathing, and engaging worlds.

Shovelware Studios

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Shovelware’s Brain Game

Shrunken School Obby

Super Slime Simulator



Frequently Asked Questions

Trying to figure out what Shovel Team is all about? So are we! Here are some frequently asked questions.


Shovel Team is our slightly more professional sounding company name. The name Shovelware Studios is fairly tongue in cheek, and quite frankly it didn’t feel right to send people invoices with stink lines coming off of the logo in the corner. We consider Shovelware Studios a brand of sorts!

They are! We get that one a lot. Our unique blend of experience between real game engines like Unity, a long history of Roblox development, and a deep love for the craft has allowed us to create experiences that transcend what many assume are the limits of the platform. We’re really proud of what we’ve been able to accomplish!

There are three of us: One 2D artist, one 3D artist, and an ideas guy (programmer / game designer!) We've been working together on various projects for over a decade and have cultivated an extremely optimized workflow that utilizes our individual skills to create things quickly and efficiently, like some sort of legally distinct super combining robot.

We’re also all equal owners of Shovel Team LLC!

We're not looking to hire anyone at this time, sorry. On occasion we will outsource assets we're not able to create ourselves, such as music and this very well put together and professional looking website. We might put out a call for contract work at some point, but generally we'll come to you!

We've partnered with Makeship to create a plush of the Dancing Banana as he appears in Shovelware's Brain Game! As of right now, this is the only official piece of Shovelware's Brain Game merch out there. Anything else you might find isn't by us, and we ask that you don't support it!

You can find information on the campaign here:


They really were! They even provided the design of Boardy the Smart Board, which we faithfully recreated in 3D! Collaborating with them has been a real treat thus far, and we'd love to partner with even more companies and brands in the future! (If that's you, contact us at the form below!)

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